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Welcome to
Dancing Passion

Where we believe that dance is a passion of our life, we at Dancing Passions help people to discover the joy of dancing, and in turn help to experience the joy of living, help build their confidence and help them live their lives joyfully in body and spirit

Don't know where to start? Relax...we'll make you feel totally comfortable! One on one or in a Group we will have you dancing with grace in No Time! Read our philosophy to see how! Dancing Passions is dedicated to having fun and helping people meet their dancing goals. We believe that in order to achieve the rewards of dancing, it should be a pleasant learning experience in a modern, friendly atmosphere.

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We make you want to dance...right now!


Hone your dancing skills with the masters of the dance forms, technical training and you become a superbdancer with the best techniques and concepts


Partner not required

So you want to learn to partner dance but you don't have a partner? No problems! It's very common for people to ask us if they are still able to join when they are 'solo'. Our answer: Absolutely!


For non dancers

Lessons conducted from absolute basics for non-dancers, Learn at slow pace, lots of practice classes, everyone can be a good dancer with good practice.


For working professionals

De- stress after working hours, make new friends, socialize, build up network. Have an active life


Flexible Timings

Multiple batch timings and centres to choose from as per your availability