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No age limit to dance

There is no such thing as “being too late or too early” when it comes to dancing. It is beneficial in different ways for people of different ages and different walks of life. An excellent way to stay fit is to take ballroom, salsa dance lessons, or some other form of dancing individually or as part of a group. Dance is a relaxed, yet energetic and upbeat method of exercise. Unlike Zumba, weight training, gym classes and body boot camps, dance does not involve jarring movements, excessive strain on your body, heavy weights or work outdoors in the hot sun.

Here are five basic benefits of all types of dance irrespective of your age:

  • Dance helps you get in shape/remain in shape. Obvious benefits of studying dance is reduced obesity, a fun source of exercise, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and helping you maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • Dance helps with memory, since you repeat routines and movements. It also provides an escape from a monotonous structure of life.
  • Dance is a social activity. whether you're dancing with a partner or learning from an instructor, it helps you socialise. Man is a social animal, and when you come for dance classes, it helps you meet new people and enjoy and learn dancing along with others. Dancing is fun, but it is even more fun when you dance with others too.
  • Dance doesn't require expensive equipment. Instead of purchasing heavy and expensive equipment to stay fit, or even buying membership at a gym where you lose interest over time, Dancing is a way more fun and cost-efficient way to stay fit, and more importantly, happy.
  • Dance helps you refine all types of movements, from fine motor skills with your hands and feet to gross motor skills with your torso and legs.

Dance students from various walks of life can find the emotional expression required in dance, an effective way to release tension and stress.

The social aspect of dance classes, can aid improvement with:

  • Self-confidence.
  • Self-esteem
  • Social skills
  • Psychological wellbeing