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"Growth of a dancer"

Growth Of A Dancer

Dancing, for most individuals, is a hobby. For some, it starts as a hobby. And for every hobby, one needs to have interest and an open mind towards experiencing it. Once the interest is created, you need to channel some of your time and energy towards. You will immediately notice yourself enjoying and just being happy in general. Dancing helps you immerse yourself in a space where you can awaken the creative side in you and express yourself in an elegant manner. The passion that ignites once you involve your mind and body towards it, is inextinguishable.

Dance can provide you with various opportunity should you choose to follow this passion, which once possibly just started out as a hobby. Once you decide to learn dancing, it could possibly lead to a start of your dancing life. Every person who chose to be a dancer professionally or even just for mere enjoyment, loves doing what they do and enjoys every moment they spend dancing.

Learning to dance is not enough, you need to build confidence and show others what you have learnt and dance with others who also know to dance. Never stop yourself from dancing at any given opportunity. Dance is a well-accepted way of socialising all over the world. You will not only enjoy yourself with others, but also grow as a dancer because not everything can be taught by dance instructors. A dancer learns way more on the dancefloor than at class. You will start learning about the norms and etiquettes required for social dancing which cannot be profoundly expressed in a classroom. Thus, a dancer also requires a bit of self-taught ways to excel more at dancing.

Practice is the most important and most stressed about thing by instructors when it comes to dancing. Practice will make you better at what you do, it will help you find fault in your footwork or body movements and you can improve yourself exponentially more than other who do not practice as much. Practicing what you learn also helps you be more curious and makes you crave for knowing more.

If you decide you take up dance professionally, just social dancing shall not suffice. The next step is participating in competitions. Competitions helps a dancer gain recognition and helps one to adapt to the international form of dancing. Taking part in multiple competitions has no downside. You learn more about the world of dancing, you grow more as a dancer, you adapt to whatever to you are absorbing with this experience. Competitions help you gain more competition and creates a hunger for doing better next time. Competitive dancing helps you engrave your name in people’s mind, influential people too. Which can lead to more opportunities which helps you makes a name as a dancer.